There are many possibilities and opportunities for selling Churchfields Farmhouse Ice Cream. Here's just a few.

Call us any time on 01905 451289 for more information.


1. Scooping

Do you have a good spot for selling ice cream by the cone?

We can help you organise everything you need to get started; including freezers, cones, tubs, point of sale and of course luxury ice cream.

We have a fantastic freezer deal available.... When you purchase a Churchfields branded freezer, we provide you with loads of free ice cream, that will pretty much cover the cost of the freezer once you sell it! If this sounds appealing, you can find more information in our brochure below.                                                  


2. Retail Tubs - 120ml or 500ml

Adding a luxury, regional ice cream to your product range in store couldn't be easier. We offer our ice cream in bright, attractive packaging that will entice any customer's attention, and offer a huge range of flavours.

Our 120ml tubs (with a spoon in the lid) are very popular in cafes and shops, and perfect for the impulse buyer. Our 500ml tubs are great for customers who want a delicious treat to take home and enjoy.

We deliver within three days of ordering but the beauty of being a small family business is that we will always do our best to get it to you sooner if needs be.


3. Food Service 

Our aim is to produce a consistently high-quality, award-winning ice cream that you will be proud to put on your menu. We offer over 40 different flavours, and we are always introducing new ones at the request of our customers.

Our 4 litre tub is most popular with pubs and restaurants, but before you buy, you are welcome to try! Just give us a call and we will pop over with some samples and further information.



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